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Jim Wilkins I am Jim Wilkins, father to three sons, have nine grandchildren and build tiny houses in Minnesota.

In the spring of 2009, Caleb, one of my sons, and I were working on roof of the Wildflower Cabin in the shop. We had set up a plank for working the installing the roof steel and I decided to stay up and Caleb climbed down to cut the pieces. He had just climbed down and walked around the cabin to the cutting area when the plank we both had been standing on snapped and dropped me to the ground resulting in a severe dislocation and shattered ankle. He quickly called 911 and they dispatched the EMC’s to our location.  That fall occurred on the 21 at 5PM, surgery was on the 22nd, 2009 at 9AM and was discharged on the 23. A lot has happened since then.

Shattered ankleI insisted on staying awake to meet the surgery team in the OR and we talked. The surgeon said he has a message for me. “Do not put any weight on that ankle for 8-12 weeks or I would be back in surgery to fix my ankle again. They would be installing steel plates and screws to hold my ankle together and to make an appointment to see him in 4 weeks. Then the lights went out.

After a being discharged from the hospital, Hope Wilkins stopped over with a mixture of YLEO’s to apply to my foot and ankle to speed up the healing process. Using a blend of Essential Oils; Peppermint, Balsam Fir, Copaiba, I applied the oils over the next four weeks.

At my four week checkup, the surgeon examined the ankle and reviewed the xrays just taken minutes before. He then paged the nurse to clarify if the xrays he was looking at were mine, and when exactly was the surgery.

After reexamining me, he said, “The ankle appears to be healed, all the cracks and breaks are filled in and look solid, and yet I am unable to tell if it is hard bone or soft bone. For all practical purposes, you could walk out of here, but I will be giving you a walking boot and come back in 4 weeks.”

I was still of a doubting Thomas (Jimmy) even after this “proof” and my thinking has been evolving about Essential Oils ever since. My daughter Hope Wilkins, Therapy with Hope, really promotes and uses these products.

BalsamFirDeepReliefOver the next several years, I have tried other oils and now use a quite a few and love the Deep Relief for aches and pains. I go through a lot of it as I like it so much, I frequently give my roll-on tube away to a friend or an acquaintance to take it for a test drive.

The Orange oil is great on the feet at night as besides improving circulation, the aromatherapy is like taking an instant vacation to someplace warmer.

I have also learned that “I have an oil for that!” is often more true than not. These are great oils.

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