Why Tiny and Sustainable

Tiny Green Cabins sets the standards for tiny houses

    • Built Northwoods Tough
    •  Craftsmanship
    • Flexibility
    • Value
    • Healthy

Why a Tiny Home?

A well-designed smaller home plan orchestrates the flow of the spaces, making sense of all areas, no matter how compact.

Some of the materials used in construction include recycled blue jeans, low VOC paints, locally harvested lumber and recycled products such as steel. Customizations include solar panels and solar hot water heaters, allowing the homes to be taken entirely off the grid.

It is a design that feels larger than its square footage, with storage space to help eliminate clutter and outdoor living spaces to expand the home to the outside. It’s also a home that, most importantly, lives in harmony with your lifestyle and is earth friendly by creating a small sustainable footprint.

10 Reasons for a Tiny House

      • Less initial cost
      • Less energy consumption
      • Less cost for repairs
      • Less food
      • Less insurance
      • Less taxes
      • Less interest paid
      • Freedom
      • Security
      • Location

10 Reasons for a Green Home

      • Improve the air quality in your home
      • Make your living space more comfortable
      • Reduce energy costs
      • Protect water reserves
      • Reduce time and costs related to maintenance
      • Reduce home construction waste
      • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote cleaner air
      • Have a global impact – locally
      • Reduce landscaping costs and help clean the air
      • Live Sustainably


Industry Standards

Tiny Green Cabins Standards

Car Hauler Trailer Custom Trailer designed for tiny houses
Electric Brakes and battery backup
Breakaway safety hitch system when in tow
2×2 and 2×3 SPF Wall Framing 2×4 cold formed steel, welded wall framing
2×6 SPF(wood) floor system bolted to trailer 2×6 cold formed steel floor system welded to trailer
2×4 SPF(wood) roof frame 2×4 cold formed steel, welded together
3/8” or 7/16” OSB  wall and roof sheathing 3/4 T&G ply and ½” CDX ply wall and roof sheathing
R-11 Fiberglass Insulation R-15 John Manville foam board insulation
R-19 Fiberglass floor and ceiling insulation R-20 John Manville foam board insulation
RV windows and doors Marvin, Pella, Anderson, Pro Via tempered windows and doors
¼” or 3/8” Interior pine paneling 5/8” or ¾” oak,  white ash, birch, butternut, aspen, basswood and pine paneling
Smoke Alarm system
Tie Downs for winds
LP & CO Detectors
Non toxic and Healthy cabin Choices
6ml Poly vapor barrier Dennyfoil vapor barrier
Plastic sheathing Tyvek house wrap
Cookie cutter plans Custom plans designed by you, drawn by us



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