A Tiny House Review

From “Tiny” J;  Jim hosted our Tiny House meetup group at his property to show off his superior construction skills. He was an excellent host who provided information and tips to this day the group still discusses. If you’re interested in Tiny* Jim is an excellent person to reach out to.

From Paul, outside of Boston. His Wildflower Bunkhouse survived Mega-storm Sandy. Paul says “You built this tiny cabin like a fort. With the exception of a few jiggles here and there I was as comfortable as always. Some large branches hit the roof but I can’t see any damage anywhere, and there haven’t been any leaks (knock on wood). I love this place, and so does everyone who sees it.”


One of the BEST tiny home builders out there, in my opinion.” Pat Travis


“Tiny Green Cabins LLC provides a selection that is fun, good quality and just plain adorable. Be sure to take a look at their web site to get all the details. – – Senior Consultant, Carolyn Lee, CPRW, CEIP”


“What one is struck by, in these so-called “tiny” cabins, is not the size, but the profound appropriateness of scale, the vast potential to inhabit a space without waste or abuse of resources: an extravagance of… rightness, a wealth of good.” – Amy


“I spent a pleasant couple of hours this morning with our builder friend who’s going to build my Wildflower cabin.  He said the plans are all really clear and straightforward.” – Nancy


“Jim is particularly good at evaluating situations and recommending solutions. He stays on task and is good at doing first things first.”    – William Schmidt


Jim is one of the most positive and motivated individuals I have ever worked with. His knowledge combined with a genuine kindness earns him the respect of all of his peers. Jim has a passion for quality and continuous improvement, and has been involved in numerous quality initiatives in the business. His willingness to both embrace and initiate the change necessary for organizational improvement combined with his many years of experience makes him a great asset. – Ken Britzius