The Vision

“Go Confidently in the directions of your dreams! Live the Life you have imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

Henry David Thoreau

Simple, Small, and Sustainable.

When considering aspects of your life, career, home; a good thought to remember is to keep it simple. It is important to take into account everything that might make your life more stressful or more expensive. .There are trade-offs in everything, from owning a big home to a small compact tiny house or cabin; from a long commute wearing expensive suits to a short bicycle ride to a low stressful job; to living green in an earth friendly environment or living in a high rise condo that spills energy into the night. These are all choices, and we are each investing in our thoughts that will produce the life of our choice. Let’s make a smart choice, and rethink our bigness to one of living in harmony in earth friendly products.

Tiny Green Cabins is devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

With an interest in design innovations that enhance sustainability, efficiency, and interactivity in the cabin, Tiny Green Cabins attention is focused on objects and spaces that are eco-friendly, multi-purpose, modular, and/or interactive. We believe that good design balances substance with style.

There are choices to each lifestyle and as long as we make intelligent choices we will find tradeoffs that affect us and our planet. For myself, I needed to rethink living big and consider other options; such as living small, smart, simplifying my life – giving me the freedom and option to pursue hidden passions and love. We are also frustrated that companies will “greenwash” and claim to do a majority of their operations under the green line. At Tiny Green Cabins we shall always consider the environment and our home – planet earth 1st and foremost.
If you desire to travel the sustainable path, Tiny Green Cabins, LLC would be proud to serve as your partner in simplifying your life.

We will offer custom services for those that desire new designs along with products that we can incorporate into the tiny cabins, such as denim/cotton insulation, recycled and reclaimed materials, FSC Certified Pure* SW-COC000669 lumber products, solar panels for power off the grid, and other earth friendly sustainable products.