Jim Wilkins speaks on a number of tiny house, sustainable living, and healthy living topics for small and large groups. He is a dynamic, high-energy, humorous, storytelling, and heart-driven speaker who engages his listeners with compelling stories and inspiring insights. His recent speaking engagements have included presentations to non-profits, business network organizations, and spiritual communities. He has also appeared on The Passions and Possibilities Network blog talk radio.

Recent Media Engagements (and Recordings)

Blog Talk Radio 1-19-2011 Passioneering® Journeys

Blog Talk Radio, Fridays with Faith 9-28-2012 Fridays with Faith

St James Public Library 10-18-2015 – 1 Hr talk Tiny Houses

International Furnishings & Design Association, 1-26-2016 30 Minute talk on Tiny Green Houses

Jim Wilkins, CEO and founder of Tiny Green Cabins

Jim Wilkins is a leading expert and builder of non-toxic tiny houses and micro homes for people who choose to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle or do so because of chemical/environmental sensitivity. His extensive background in the construction industry entails years of working as a journeyman carpenter, senior cost estimator, design and engineering manager, and his work in continuous improvement venues. These combined experiences have prepared Wilkins well for his new business venture, Tiny Green Cabins.

Wilkins is an experienced manager with a proven record in production, manufacturing, estimating, design, procurement, quality, and ISO9000 (Baldrige, Lean, TQM, CI) within construction, wood components, and machining manufacturing, as well as non profits. His background consists of all aspects of wood framed construction, including new home construction, remodeling, commercial, and agriculture. Wilkins’s career path has instilled in him a “willingness to learn” and he has the reputation of being known as a “can do” or “go to” person in a variety of areas.

Recently, Wilkins partnered with the Bell Museum of Natural History on the project “Sustainable Shelters” and the video “Living Small,” which has become wildly successful.

After four decades in the business and building all types of homes from tiny houses to mega-mansions, Wilkins began steadily downsizing about 5 years ago. He now enjoys living in a tiny house with the freedom and security it offers. In his spare time, Wilkins likes to volunteer at his church, kayak, hike trails, travel, feed birds, watch movies, and is a supporter of the Minnesota Orchestra. He is an avid reader across many genres, from science fiction to westerns, including self-help/ improvement books and enjoys learning about almost anything.


“I’ve worked along Jim as a Core Council Member and later as Our Spiritual Centers Director of Operations. Jim’s writing is excellent for example; he created a weekly quote for the day that is emailed to the public. The church’s budget details and graphs submitted to the Core Council (board) are fabulous, Jim has a big picture, visionary mind with ideas that have been acted upon and used in the creating of our church. Jim’s “hands on” management style allow him to get the idea off the ground – he creates the role, fills in where no one else offers and then bows out graciously when he delegates the activity to someone else.

Jim is one of the most positive and motivated individuals I have ever worked with. His knowledge combined with a genuine kindness earns him the respect of all of his coworkers. Jim has a passion for quality and continuous improvement, and has been involved in numerous quality initiatives in the organization. His willingness to both embrace and initiate the change necessary for organizational improvement combined with his many years of experience makes him a great asset to any team.

Denise Erickson, SPHR