Solar – Get Powered Up!

2014  Special

Get Powered Up with 600 Watts of charging power!

Purchase a Tiny Green Cabin Wildflower, Prairie Rose,  Prairie Schooner, Ravenlore model by December 1st, 2014 and we will sell you a Zamp ZS-600 solar power kit for $4,000. That is $ 799 off the list price of $4,799.00.    Installation extra      Offer ends December 1st, 2014

Solar Panel Option

Solar Panel Option

The heart of this solar system is the inverter, which has an internal relay that can determine where to draw power from. It will draw from the battery pack, and if there is not ample power there, it will switch to an on grid power source or a generator.  For off grid living, this solar system will pay for itself in about 100 days, figuring a camp ground rate of $40 per day for power. So, that makes this system affordable for many people that desire to live or camp off grid.

Inverter and control box

As an example;
600 Watts can power computers, sump pump, home office, garage  door opener,  lights,  most other light kitchen appliances, cell phones, and small TV’s.

Zamp Solar

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