Ravenlore Tiny House Questions & Answers

Ravenlore Tiny House Q&A

How big is the Ravenlore ?

Side view of Ravenlore with awning

Side view of Ravenlore with awning

It is 8′ x 21′ x 13′-5″ tall

How much does it weigh?

It weighs in at 13,400 lbs

How much did it cost?

Nicki paid around 60k and took advantage of some sale prices and incentives.

Who chose the colors?

Nicki selected the colors after she decided on the roof colors.

How does Nicki like the Incinorat toilet?

Nicki does not like it. In her own words, “I hate it. It’s splashy-messy and smells awful.”

What did you use for the roof? I absolutely love the colors, my favorite blue and green. Absolutely love how colorfully the house is, more people should do this it would make life a lot happier.

The roof is made by Castletop Metal Shingles.  CastleTop is a diamond-shaped flat metal roof shingle for a unique roof appearance. The shingle offers easy install from eave to ridge with concealed fasteners. An expanded polystyrene backer board gives strength to allow for light foot traffic during installation. In some cases, the shingles may be applied directly over the existing roof, eliminating the need for tear-off and disposal*. Different colors may be combined to create interesting patterns. CastleTop may be used for commercial or residential roof applications with a recommended minimum slope of 3:12. The metal roof shingle also is suitable for walls and mansards.

*Subject to local codes

Florida Building Code Product Approval…To see the colors click here

 Why 4 axles?

There are 4 axles so that this tiny house could have a patio door over the wheels. Most tiny house have drop deck trailers that allow the wheel wells to project into the living area. With the trailer design for the Ravenlore, we eliminated the wheel wells which allowed the placement of a patio door in that area. The axles are 3’500 lbs rated and the 4  combined give the GVW as 14’500lbs.