Press Questions

Possible questions to ask Jim Wilkins, CEO & Founder of Tiny Green Cabins

1. Why did you create Tiny Green Cabins?

Tiny Green Cabins was started with the idea of being able to live independently, sustainably, and on my own terms. Having come from the corporate world of construction and the subsequent downturn in the housing markets, there was a need for a security on my part for the coming years that would be built around my work ethic, integrity, and “can do” attitude.  Taking a survey of possible businesses or ventures that I could do, an inventory of my skill set and toolbox, and acknowledging the risks, I decided to start Tiny Green Cabins.

2. What trends are you seeing in the area of sustainable living spaces?

The trends that I am seeing are: Living smaller, living sustainably, making healthy choices for themselves, and more choices of options in tiny houses.

3. What kinds of individuals buy a Tiny Green Cabin?

Tiny Green Cabins appeal to a wide variety of individuals, including young singles who want to purchase their first home, retirees who are downsizing, and do-it-yourselfers who prefer to build their own home.

4. What makes Tiny Green Cabins stand out from the competition?

We offer clients more layout choices, cabin options, as well as top-notch customer service.  We also use the highest-quality materials and provide superior craftsmanship.

5. What are the next hot products in the tiny home marketplace?

The next hot products for the tiny home marketplace will be furniture designed for tiny houses, AC and air exchangers for tiny houses, slide outs and slide ups, and any way to take advantage of maximizing space and resources in tiny houses.