Company Background and Facts

Tiny Green Cabins is a leading custom builder of transportable, sustainable, healthy, tiny houses and micro homes.  We sell plans and design services for those desiring to build a tiny house or who want one built to their specifications; workshops for those who choose to build it themselves; and kits or assembled shells for those who want to jump start their Do-it-yourself tiny house project.  At Tiny Green Cabins, we set the standard for earth-friendly, sustainable healthy homes from the foundation to the final piece of trim. We see a global community that is enjoying living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and Tiny Green Cabins has a way for you to be a part of that community, living a simpler, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle, too.

Date Founded: October 25, 2008

Headquarters: White Bear Lake, MN

Executive Team

  • Jim Wilkins, CEO and Founder
  • Nathann Wilkins, Vice President Quality Control
  • Caleb Wilkins, Vice President Production


The market for tiny homes is expected to continue to increase, given individuals’ desire for more affordable and sustainable homes.   For more information on the tiny home market, click here.

Tiny Green Cabins serves three primary markets around the world:

  • First-time homebuyers who are mobile and active
  • Downsizers, including retirees
  • Do-It-Yourselfers, who want to build their own tiny cabin

Tiny Green Cabins’ Primary Products

  • Eleven customizable tiny green cabin layouts, with many options
  • Small house plans, standard and customized
  • Consulting and speaking engagements on sustainable living

Press Contact: Jim Wilkins, CEO and Founder



Phone: 651-788-6565