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Tiny House, Small House, Cottage, Tiny Cabin House PlansAt Tiny Green Cabins, our small house plans and tiny house plans are created by designers and architects that pay attention to detail.  They make use of the smallest of spaces, minimizing wasted spaces; such as hallways, wall thicknesses, and single purpose rooms. Our small house plans are typically 400 square feet to 1000 square feet, while our tiny house plans and cabin plans are 32 square feet to 399 square feet.

When you build tiny houses and cabins, you learn how to maximize space usage in these small house plans. Small house plans are designs that are economical to build. Although many small house plans are often plain and simple, this website includes small house plans that are absolutely charming, well planned, well zoned, and a joy to live in.

These small house plans may be smaller in size but are designed to live and feel large. A well-designed smaller home plan orchestrates the flow of the spaces, making sense of all areas, no matter how compact. It’s a design that feels larger than its square footage, with storage space to help eliminate clutter and outdoor living spaces to expand the home to the outside. It’s also a home that, most importantly, lives in harmony with your lifestyle and is earthly friendly by created a compact carbon footprint.

With a small house plan, you can add character that reflects your personality and life style with the use of different textures, material and colors that would prove costly when you build to live big.

So, here’s to the mighty small house plan. It’s small. It’s efficient. It’s beautiful. It’s paid for! Long may it shelter us, welcome us, protect us, keep us warm, keep us dry, keep us snug, and keep us simple!

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Tiny House Plan via Sketchup 3D drawing $450
Tiny House Build Plans add $350

Plan fees require 60% payment prior to starting the design phase

Standard Mini-sota and Sunflower plans starting at $199.00

Custom Home Plan Design starting at $1,200.00.

Small House Plan of 800 sgft

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We have some ideas to stimulate your planning thoughts.  Just bring your creative thoughts to us and we will help you implement them with high quality plans.  We can also build to your specifications.

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Plans include floor plan, 4 elevations, cutaway, wall sections, framing plan, and basic material list.







Sunflower Tiny House

Sunflower Tiny House

Mini-sota $199.00






Winter Morning Wildflower


Prairie Rose

Build Plan set

$ 99.00


Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose

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