Snips A to Z

“To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning”

Henry David Thoreau


I started collecting quotes with this one after reading a book by Thoreau. As the years passed by and the advent of the computer, and then the internet, collecting quotes became easier. So much so, that my collection would not be considered tiny, and several years ago for a class project I decided to combine the quotes into a small book. After 150 pages and barely scratching the surface, I submitted the workbook as the project.


For me, the quotes are like taking a walk through the meadows, forest trails, and river banks collecting insects. Collecting insects was another hobby of mine in my early teens. It was always fun to catch the insect and take it home for study and display.


Now, as I walk the forest trails, my thoughts of decaying tree trunks remind me of the cycle of life, the Alpha and Omega, and quotes. The writers, wise man and wise woman expressed their lives through many forms and often the quotes or “snippets” of a much larger phrase remind us of their lives and contribution to history and civilization. They remind me of what is important to me and those quotes or “snips” make up this collection.


It is not mind to sell and yet I can share it with those that enjoy quotes. For in sharing, the law of circulation or “what you sow, so shall ye reap” is returned multiplied many times over.


Enjoy them and have fun


Snips A-Z

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