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Jim Wilkins Tiny House Enthusiast

Bio: Jim Wilkins, President & CEO

Jim Wilkins is a designer and builder of non-toxic tiny houses and micro homes for people who choose to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle or do so because of chemical/environmental sensitivity. His extensive background in the construction industry entails years of working as a journeyman carpenter, senior cost estimator, design and engineering manager, and his work in continuous improvement venues. These combined experiences have prepared Wilkins well for his new business venture, Tiny Green Cabins, founded in 2008.

Jim is an experienced manager with a proven record in production, manufacturing, estimating, design, procurement, quality, and ISO9000 (Baldrige, Lean, TQM, CI) within construction, wood components, and machining manufacturing, as well as nonprofits.  His background consists of all aspects of wood-framed construction, including new home construction, remodeling, commercial, and agriculture. Jim’s career path has instilled in him a “willingness to learn” and he has the reputation of being a “can do” or “go to” person in a variety of areas.

Recently, Jim partnered with the Bell Museum of Natural History on the project “Sustainable Shelters” and the video “Living Small,” which has become wildly successful.

After four decades in the business and building all types of homes from tiny houses to mega-mansions, Jim began steadily downsizing about five years ago.  He now enjoys living in a tiny house with the freedom and security that it offers.  In his spare time, Jim likes to volunteer at his church, kayak, hike trails, travel, and feed birds, watch movies, and is a supporter of the Minnesota Orchestra. He is an avid reader across many genres, from science fiction to westerns, including self-help/ improvement books and enjoys learning about almost anything.

Jim is also a story teller and loves to use stories to illustrate a point. In those stories, he weaves quote and snippets (snips as he refers to them) of people of past and present times.

“Adventure and a safe haven, that’s a good mix” – James A. Michener

In Jim’s Words:

“Just as a fallen tree in the forest provides food for God’s creatures, so do quotes provide food for thought and contemplation while giving us a glimpse into the authors mind of a past time and era.  They can reveal to us that at those times, as much as things seem to change, how some things do not change. Michener’s quote above reminds me that while it is good to have and go on adventures, it is also wise to have a ‘safe’ haven.  For me and many others, that is their home, cabin, boat, or tiny house.

The first quote that started my snips collection is ‘To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning’ by Henry David Thoreau.   I liked it so much,  that I always greeted folks with ‘Good Morning,’ and I still do many times.  To me it is always morning as each moment is a new learning opportunity as new ideas come forth from the one mind – our Source. After all, Gods currency is ideas!  And I have been and will always be blessed.”

Jim’s snippets collection; Snips A-Z