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Cabin Models - The MINI-SOTA

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Mini-Sota Cabin

The “Mini-Sota Cabin” will be built as a tiny, tiny cabin.  The smallest of our designs. The pictures below give various views of this cabin that will be sized 8′ x 10′ approximately with earth friendly products, recycled and reclaimed materials, in keeping with simplify, simplify, simplify. Follow the blog as elevations and construction pictures are posted over the next couple of months.

Tiny Green Cabins - Mini-Sota Cabin

Tiny Green Cabins - Mini-Sota Information

Starting at $8,350.00

Base Price includes:  6′ x 8′ Mini-Sota Tiny Green Cabin with loft over front porch (loft area 4′x8′ approximately) wired for electrical hookup, taxes included.

Base Price does not include solar panels, cabinetry, freight or delivery

Call or email for details

Mini-Sota Floor Plan - Small House plans

Mini-Sota East-West View - Small House plans

Mini-Sota North-South View - Small House plans